Kids left alone
May break a bone

Look Out! There's
always an accident about

Even at the shop
Caring Doesn't stop:
A wayward cart
Could break your heart.

A sharp-cornered table
Can quickly disable

Unguarded machines in the home invite Children and accidents
Tables are for forks and knives not risking lives
Dangerous wiring can give children trip To hospital
Take extra care when going out - Especially when a babe's about
Folding tables, folding chairs
Catch your children unawares
Furniture too weak to stand Can endanger foot and hand
When sunshine comes to bless the day
Get outdoors for a healthy play
Wear a helmet when you bike - Gives you safety and the look you like
When Mother's lost in a dream Kids get injured and scream
Careless Mum should never grumble -
The fault is theirs when children tumble
A speeding carriage on a slope Can leave an infant without hope
Imagine, Mother, What you'd say If you were caught in a milky spray
It's easy to climb - but easier to fall.
Keep hot water away from children.
Keep children away from hot water.
The friendliest of bubbling pots. Are enemies of tiny tots
Mothers always should take heed When baby - walkers pick up speed
Scissors and knives Endanger lives.
Keep your home safe!
Spills and drips Cause painful slips! Keep floors clean - and dry
Bunk - climbing may be hard -
But falling's really easy
Children may learn to rue the day They took a medicine - just for play
An unwatched bouncer on a bed May soon be bouncing on his head.
The child is not the one to blame For fitting an unsafe window frame
Don't get too mad, don't blow a fuse If your child makes the TV news.
Some stairs are steep and some are not But none is safe for a tiny tot.
Beware, the next call on the line Might need to be a 999!
Sister, Sister do take care- The stool you need's no longer there
When towels are soft and water steams
Beware the sound of children's
Don't race or chase
In a slippery place
A baby's favourite hiding For naughy things is - in his face!

One child is quiet
Two begin to roar
Three are overactive
And Four make war!

Danger's in store
On a littered floor
When memories return to mind Take care the future - just behind!
Remember, accidents are waiting: Wear a helmet you're skating
When cycling indoors,
fast and furious,
Remember Junior's
always curious
When celebration fireworks rain
Make sure your kids stay free from pain
When a helmet when you bike - Gives you safety and the look you like