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Prevention of Childhood Accidents

1.  兒童意外傷亡調查報告  
Paediatric Accident Surveillance
7. 用卡通和口號來護兒防傷
Cartoons and Slogans to Prevent
Childhood Accidents
 2. 護兒防傷研討會
Conference on Injury Prevention in Childhood
8. 護兒防傷漫畫填色比賽 (幼稚園)
Colouring Competition of Accident Prevention Cartoons
(For Kindergarten)
 3. 兒童單車安全推廣日 (免費派發頭盔)
Safety in Cycling (Free Distribution of Helmets)
9.  護兒防傷漫畫卡通宣傳短片 (new)
Roadshow cartoons videos of Accident Prevention
 4. 單車嘉年華  
Cycling Carnival
10. 護兒防傷宣傳單張下載 (new)
Accident Prevention Pamphlet Download
 5.  單車安全常識問答比賽
Quiz in Cycling 

護兒防傷意外剪報 (new)
Newspaper cutting of Accident Prevention

 6. 免費派發錄影帶給學前教育機構、小學和中學
Free Distribution of Videotapes to Pre-schools, 
Primary and Secondary Schools
12. 護兒防傷資訊自助展覽 (new)  
Childhood Accident Prevention Self Service Exhibition

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