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For Hospitals and Clinics

1.  裝飾醫院各部門
Decoration of Different HospitalsDepartments
6. 兒童日報  
s Daily
2. 提供視聽設備  
Provision of Audio Visual Facilities
7. 香港電台給留院兒童之廣播節目  
Radio Television Hong Kong: Programmes for
Children in Hospital  
3. 設立兒童圖書館  
Creating a Children
s Library
8. 送贈圍裙給護士  
Aprons for Nurses
4. 給患病者之夢想成真計劃  
A Dream Come Truefor Patients
9. 其它對醫院及診所的服務  
Other Services For Hospitals and Clinics
5.  無線電話服務  
Cordless Telephones