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Public Exhibitions on Childhealth

1.  1991國際健美健康展覽
1991 International Fitness and Health Care Exhibition íV 
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
 4. 刊物及海報展覽:
Display of posters and publications at:
 2. 中文大學醫學會主辦「茁壯成長 íV 兒童健康展覽」
Exhibition on Childhealth íV The Medical Society, 
Chinese University of Hong Kong
-  太古城中心
   Taikoo Shing City Plaza
   South Horizon Shopping Mall
   Maryknoll Convent School


 3. 消閒博覽1991
Leisure and Sports Expo 1991
5.  其它兒童健康公眾展覽
Other Public Exhibitions on Childhealth