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Notice Name
Notice Yesr
  a. Circular No. SPFAS/HC2000-1 Primary School (Information about Handbook)

Nov 2000

  b. Circular No. SPFAS/HC2000-2 Secondary (inforamtion about)
Nov 2000
  c. Circular No. SPFAS/HC2000-3 Primary school (School awards and Sports Grant)
Dec 2000
  d. Circular no. SPFAS/HC2000-4 Seconde School (School wards)
Dec 2001
  e. Circular No. SPFAS/HC2001-5 Primary and Secondary School (Information about Reading System.)
April 2001
  f. Circular NO.SPFAS/HC2001-6 Primary and Secondarry School (Free equipement)
June 2001
  g. Circular No.SPFAS/HC2001-7 Primary and Secondary School (Free equpiment giving)
August 2001
  h. Circualr No. SPFAS/HC2001-8 prinary and (2001-2002Joined and school collection of equipment.
Sept 2001