Certificate of Appreciation Name in Font 16
Certificate of Appreciation Name in Font 18

Open letter to thank all PE teachers for their participation in
the School Physical Fitness Award Scheme

Hong Kong Childhealth Foundation thank all PE teachers.
It is with your huge efforts that the School Physical Fitness Award Scheme is successful.
We thank you with a Certificate of Appreciation.
In the past we have merge printed PE teachers'names on to the Certificates.
Over the success of the scheme we are now sending around 2000 Certificates every year to PE teachers of around 400 schools.
Mistakes in some names were unavoidable, thereby wasting a lot of manpower and postage cost.
We feel that the most economical way to prevent such mistakes will be to invite PE teachers to type your own names onto the Certificates.
You can choose to type your name in English or in Chinese.
From 2005 and onwards, PE teachers will be sent the original certificates without your names.
We invite PE teachers to download one of the following word documents of their choice using either Font 16 or 18 to type your name.
Then merge print your name onto the original Certificate.
Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
From the academic year 2005-6 onwards the PFRS program will include this function.

Lastly, we thank you once again.